Portrait session got you nervous?

Have a portrait session coming up, and have some questions? 

“What do I wear?”

“What should I do with my hair?”

“What should I bring?”

“How should I carry myself?”

             These are all question I have heard. Of course it can be a nerve-racking experience to walk into a photo shoot, having no idea what to expect! Let me give you a couple general tips to put your mind at ease.

             The most important thing when going into a portrait session is to be yourself! Allow yourself to open up to your photographer, it’s amazing how some small conversation about day-to-day life can connect people and put nerves at ease. If you can pull the courage up from your gut to strike an over-exaggerated, or extra dramatic pose while the photographer is taking some test shots… Guaranteed ice breaker! In short, find a way to be comfortable, and be true to who you are. Someone able to sit comfortably in front of the lens is sure to get great work out of their photographer.

              Thinking about what you’re “supposed” to wear to your photo shoot? Well, there are a couple of general guidelines to stick to. It is best to avoid wearing too much of one solid colour, especially green. Black and white clothing should be worn sparingly. If your favourite shirt just happens to be black, don’t let that stop you from having a picture of you in your fav shirt (maybe bring a non-black shirt also). It never hurts to bring a couple options for clothing. 

              Teasing your hair into just the right position for hours before you leave for the photo shoot? Disappointed when you walk to your car to find the wind whipping your hair around? Don’t dwell on it, do what you can, and bring a comb or brush with you. Chances are there’s somewhere in the studio with a mirror, or at the very least we all have our camera phones that double as mirrors. 

Any other questions or worries about an up-coming photoshoot? Email me at Mike_150@hotmail.com with any concerns so I can shed some light on your predicament.


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